The Pros and Cons of DUBturbo

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Before writing this Review, I looked at some 20+ products. I was really skeptical about this music making machine. TONS of what I had read about it seemed to be pure hype. One DUBturbo review called it “The Swiss army knife of hip-hop production”. Another asked the question: “DUBturbo, THE WHOOP-ASS WONDER?”

After I downloaded and installed the program, I went through each training videos that are included. The videos are set up to introduce you to the software and to guide you step by step to make your first beat. I followed along and, within the first hour of using DUBturbo, I had produced my first beat in broadcast quality. I have to admit, at this point, I was excited!

This is the summary of my experience with the DUBturbo beat production software:


Fully Functional. It comes complete with a 16-Track Sequencer to build, organize, and produce your sound, a drum machine that is preloaded with 1000’s of effects, and a keyboard set to allow you to tap into melodies, chords, horns, and more.

Completely Flexible. You have full control over your beats-per-minute (BPM) which is very important as every beat you produce needs to be unique, individual volume control for each of your 16-Tracks, and for more advanced users it allows importing of your own sounds and sound kits.

Very User Friendly. This was apparent to me immediately. As soon as I installed and opened the program I was able to fire up the training videos and follow along making my first beat within an hour.

High Quality Output. DUBturbo exports all of your beats to a 44.1 stereo 16 bit .WAV file format. Every beat is produced in broadcast quality and sounds exceptional. Your friends will love it, and if you are a serious producer, you can even sell your beats.

Low, Low Price. I still find it hard to believe that you can find a beat production software that offers this much functionality, options, and quality at such a bargain price! There really is no risk at all in taking this program for a test drive and pushing it to the limit.

Delivers on what it promises. As I mentioned earlier in my DUBturbo Review, I was a bit skeptical at first, but after installing and running the program, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it really did deliver everything I was expecting… and more.

DUBturbo Customer Support. DUBturbo has a reliable customer support department that you contact through email to following address: support@dubturbo.com. . They usually respond within 72 hours.

DUBturbo Return Policy. The company is really open with their return policy, making no effort to keep the details a secret. You will notice at the bottom of the check out screen their 60 day money back guarantee.


DUBturbo is not nearly as powerful as a professional suite of music making software. But those are tools that may cost thousands of dollars, and take months of learning until you can make something out of them.

Be aware that with all of this sophisticated functionality, the DUBturbo requires some memory on your computer to process the data. If you are using an old computer or one with very limited memory, you may need to adjust some settings to better tune your computer for audio production.

This program can become very addictive! Not necessarily a bad thing, just something you may experience once you dig in and start cranking out serious beats!

DUBturbo is a cost effective solution for beat makers looking for a simple and fast way to create high quality studio sounding beats.

I hope this DUBturbo Review provides you with a better appreciation of this new beat making software. It is a well featured audio production software, like the more expensive digital audio workstations, but at a comparatively very low price.

Remember to persist and you will be making your very own beats and tunes soon!

The Demo video of DUBturbo, shows how easy it is to make your own beats and music from your home computer.

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10 items to look for in a Beat Making Software

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Looking For A Beat Maker Software? Make Sure It Includes These 10 Items!

So what is it you Really Need? Or more importantly, Don’t Need!

This article was written for anyone looking for a music maker software that will let you produce broadcast quality beats on your computer. Before spending any money or investing in any expensive equipment, consider these 10 key items FIRST!

1. Easy to Use– Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned beat producer, you need to spend your time cranking out beats and not reading and learning how to use a sophisticated or awkward system.

2. Competitively Priced – The software developers in the music industry have made great strides over the years and now offer loads of functionality and options to the end user with affordable software that you can download and run right on your PC or MAC. The prices for this software have come down and you should be able find a very good beat maker software for well under $100 that will let you hit the ground running.

3. 16-Track Sequencer– Yes, 16-Tracks (not 8-Tracks). The 16-Track sequencer is the master canvas that you will build, tweak, and ultimately produce your chart topping beats with.

4. Drum Machine– The drum machine is the heart to your beats and should offer a ton of effects, hits, slams, voxes, ad-libs and more. It should also allow you to import your own broadcast quality sounds,

5. Keyboard Kit – Your beat maker software should also include a keyboard kit to drop your melodies, chords, and other samples to build dynamic depth into your beats

6. Large Library of Instruments and Effects– When choosing any software to make beats, make sure it includes a large library of genres like Hip Hop, R&B, Rap, Reggae, House, Dance & more.

7. Individual Volume Control For Each Of the 16-Tracks – Make sure you can control the volume of each or your 16 tracks independently to allow you the flexibility to make some sounds Pound Out while keeping other effects in the background.

8. BPM Control – Beats Per Minute (BPM) –This is how many beats are played every minute. It is very important that you have control over the BPM for every beat you produce. No two beats are the same!

9. Easy Export Options – At a minimum make sure you can export to .MP3, preferably your Beat Maker Software should export to Broadcast Quality 44.1 stereo 16 bit .WAV format.

10. Instructional Training Videos Beat Maker Software that includes all 10 of these Items. plus more, Check this out!

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An useful article about music beats created by DUBturbo

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This Post is DUBturbo Review – Click below if you’re looking for:

So What Is DUBturbo?

DUBturbo is a software that is basically a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). It features everything that you need to make killer rap beats, hot dance tunes, R&B tracks, etc. You name it, you can do it with DUBturbo! It is a beat music maker machine!

To get the kind of equipment to make the sort of music you hear in the chart topping tracks you would need to spend $50,000+ easyly, and then you would only have a basic-mid level recording studio.

This software program caters to people who are looking for an easy and fast way to start making their own beats and music, without the hassle of haivng to learn music theory, production in expensive schools, or having to invest in a huge studio.

That said, the software is powerful enough to be used in conjunction with a recording studio as well! Many users are studio owners, and they love taking beats and compositions from DUBturbo into their other various applications.

If you want to know how to make beats, then this article will tell you how this software program is allowing people to make their very own rap and hip hop beats with ease.

You can make pretty much any electronic music you want. You don’t need any musical production knowledge to be able to use it!

A lot of the websites on forums will tell you that, if you want to make good sounding beats, you need to have lots of music production knowledge and expensive equipment such as a recording studio!

DUBturbo solves these problems! It has a fairly featured beat maker, keyboard and thousands of sounds that you can pick from to make any style of music you like.

You even get video tutorials that will show you how to use it and get up and running in just 20 minutes time!

Even if you have some knowledge of music production and have gone to the lengths of getting yourself a recording studio, you can actually use DUBturbo as an extension to the amount of sounds you can produce.

Most of all though, it is used by beginners and people who want to create the same quality sounds as they hear in their favourite tunes.

There are thousands of samples that have been professionally mastered, from which you can pick. You make your own music. All you have to do is pick the style you want, such as rap and hip hop, hot dance music, or R&B tracks. The scope is endless!

The music you make, sounds as the music you hear on any CD. If you are satisfied with it, you can then burn it on a CD!

To see how easy is to make your own beats from home using this awesome software, CLICK HERE.

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